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Common Questions

What is an Endodontist?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry recognized by the American Dental Association involving treatment of the pulpal tissue within the root.  There are several ways Endodontists treat teeth, but the most common procedure is called a root canal.  In addition to four years of dental school, Endodontists receive two or more years of specialized education and have decided to center their practice around root canal therapy.


If you have been referred to an Endodontist for evaluation or treatment chances are you are experiencing temperature sensitivity, painful chewing, swelling, discoloration of the tooth or your dentist may have noted something on your dental x-ray.  These symptoms can be caused from deep decay, trauma, fractures or other conditions.


Some teeth can be difficult to treat or diagnose.  This may be the reason your general dentist has referred you to our office.

Is there pain associated with root canals?

Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.  Our procedures are done with local anesthetic.  Every tooth and circumstance is unique, if additional anesthetic is necessary during treatment it will be given to ensure you are comfortable. 


Post treatment discomfort is typically controlled with over the counter medications(Advil or Tylenol).  If additional medication becomes necessary Dr. Chow will discuss that with the patient.  Most patients are able to retun to work or school promptly after their appointment.

Will I need to be sedated?

We have options to help calm the anxious patient.  However, most patients do not feel the need to plan any form of sedation.  Patients find it much easier to avoid sedation because of the required transportation to and from the appointment.  Please call our office for additional information regarding sedation.

What is my next step after root canal therapy?

The majority of patients leave the office with a temporary filling in the access, the temporary is meant to last for up to two weeks.  Once treatment is complete patients will need to follow up with the general dentist for any permanent restorations.  Be very careful with the temporary filling; avoid chewing hard or sticky foods on the side of the mouth that the root canal was completed.  If you have any questions regarding your post-treatment instructions, please call our office for assistance. 

How much will the procedure cost?

Puyallup Endodontics is in network with many different insurance companies to help keep your copays as low as possible.  We also offer a five percent senior discount to our seniors that are sixty-five years of age or older.  Each case is very distinct, please call our team for more information.